Located in beautiful Orlando, Florida, KEF USA is one of the longest-serving providers of quality, custom educational programs in the state of Florida. Established in 1999 as KEF USA Summer School, we now provide college preparation, educational summer camps, as well as sports-tailored programs. We continue to evolve to meet the demands of the education world in academics, sports, living, and training facilities.


With over 75 million visitors every year, Orlando is the most visited city in the U.S. and the perfect destination for international students to learn and succeed.

Our experience in a wide array of academic, and sports programs, led us to the understanding that college admissions are the overarching goal of all of our participating students. This led to the re-orientation of our organization, and ToCollegeUSA is the product of our student's aspirations.


We dedicate ourselves to a 360-degree approach to getting students admitted into college in the United States. This approach includes academic preparation, extracurricular activities, social studies focused on American society, focusing on a degree/specialization, and degree advancement and completion.